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We welcome and appreciate donations of any size; they are all valuable  for supporting the work of Hagge Woods Trust. Donations can be on a one off basis (see below for examples of how you can help) or perhaps you would like to become a Friend and have a ‘Square Share’,  your own specific patch of wood meadow.  Please read more about the Square Share scheme on the Friends’ page here 

Why your donation matters

No matter how small your gift, giving to Hagge Woods Trust can make a real contribution to the environment and our work of raising tomorrow’s ancient woodlands:

  • £10 will allow us to enhance one square metre of woodland floor or meadow with native perennial plants that will host bees, butterflies and moths
  • £50 will allow us to nurture 100 trees for a year
  • £100 will allow us to teach a group of children about woodland and plant life
  • £600 will enable us to buy weather recording equipment
  • £1000 will allow us to source stock perennials of local provenance for enhancing woodland meadow
  • £2000 will enable us to produce education packs to teach tree or wild flower identification

We should be glad to acknowledge all donations of £500 or more on our website

Woodland management is, or course, a long term business, so if you would consider giving over several years we should be particularly grateful.

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or, donate by cheque, internet banking or standing order

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