Dedications and Legacies



Dedicating a Square Share

Recognising your loved ones by dedicating a Square Share in Three  Hagges Jubilee Wood is the perfect way to mark or celebrate any occasion. Whether giving a gift for a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, paying special tribute to a relative or friend, or simply showing your appreciation, you can make a contribution to Hagge Woods Trust and know that you have also significantly supported the environment, ‘Raising Tomorrow’s Ancient Woodlands’.

In acknowledgement of your gift we will send a certificate with your personalised wording; the certificate makes a perfect gift and demonstrates to loved ones your investment in the environment on their behalf. Recipients can make return visits to the wood meadow to see their Square Share and discover how your investment has matured to create a beautiful and self-sustaining environment.

To arrange a dedication, please visit our Friends page to get a Square Share in memory.


Living Legacies

Living legacies bring particular pleasure and peace  of mind to donors and to Hagge Woods Trust. You can enjoy open access  to the wood meadow, watching it flourish and  enjoying precious moments with loved ones; meanwhile, your living legacy enables Hagge Woods Trust to plan for the future.

We would encourage a legacy in this way; please seek further advice from your  financial planner or email to discuss  your living legacy.  Thank you.