Film Project

Film Project
Nick Atherton, an undergraduate filmmaker currently studying Biology at the University of York, has been funded by Santander Universities to assist the Hagge Woods Trust in recording through filming the wildlife that calls the wood meadow home. The purpose of this is to have authentic wildlife footage from the Three Hagges Wood Meadow to use in the films being produced for the project since stock footage that accurately reflects the wood-meadow’s own flora and fauna is seldom available.

The filming project and funding was set up through the University of York’s Internship Bureau, which works with local businesses to establish project-based opportunities for its students and graduates whilst providing businesses with a talented addition to their workforce. You can find out more about the Internship Bureau here: or by

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Please take a moment to watch the seven short films below which record the development of our pioneering wood meadow. Do revisit this page as more films are added and the wood-meadow  grows to become tomorrow’s ancient woodland.

Film 7: Building a Bodgers’ Den in the Wood-Meadow

In this film Ben Chester explains the construction and management plan for our new Bodgers’ Den, a rustic wood-meadow workshop where we’ll be hosting training sessions in traditional  rural crafts. Wood-meadow breakfasts and summer barbeques are also planned so please check our events’ page for updates as details are confirmed. We’d also like to hear your suggestions for the Bodgers’ Den use so please send them to

Please remember that the wood-meadow has 24/7 public access so you’re welcome to shelter in the Bodgers’ Den during a visit; you could bring a flask of  coffee and some binoculars for a spot of bird watching.

With thanks to Ben Chester:

Film 6: A School Visit to Three Hagges Wood-Meadow.

Staff and puils from Escrick C of E Primary School and Riccall Primary School demonstrate the wonderful facility that the wood-meadow offers to support Key Stage 1 & 2 cross curricular studies. For more information about bringing your school group to Three Hagges Wood-Meadow  please see our Schools page here

Film 5: Using Green Hay as Seed

This film shows you how to create a wood-meadow.

Film 4: Compost and Coffee with Bettys

Claudia’s latest film for Hagges Wood Trust records a visit to Three Hagges Wood Meadow by volunteers from Betty’s Tree Group. In Autumn 2014, volunteers from Betty’s Tree Group came to the wood meadow to plant seedlings and then sow more seeds; the latter were recently planted in the wood  meadow at  the Betty’s Staff Planting Day in May  2015. More seeds were sown then and so the cycle continues…   Many thanks to Betty’s ‘Trees for Life’ scheme and their volunteers; the wood meadow has been enhanced for everybody’s benefit, and the wildlife is better off too!

Film 3: Picnic in the Meadow.

This was held at Three Hagges Wood Meadow where we welcomed Friends,  Volunteers and the general public to a free afternoon of food, fun, jazz, flora and fauna. This is a Summer event so do watch out for publicity about our next one, and come along with your family, neighbours and friends.

Film 2: Ancient Woodland Flora: the stale seedbed technique

[A Claudia Nye Film for Web, commissioned by Woodland TV]

This a beautiful film about how we sowed the meadow to help ensure that a diverse woodland flora will develop beneath the trees. Using a stale seedbed reduces the burden of weeds that otherwise would outcompete the fine grasses and perennials and provides a clean slate in which to begin establishing maximum floral diversity.

Film 1: Raising Tomorrow’s Ancient Woodland. 

[A Claudia Nye Film for Web, commissioned by Woodland TV]

In Claudia’s first film about Three Hagges Jubilee Wood,  Rosalind speaks about our aim to include a diverse ground flora in our new woodland, thus creating a whole ecosystem rather than a simple plantation.


With huge thanks to Claudia Nye, an award-winning, BAFTA nominated, documentary film maker with over 20 years’ experience in the field of media, we hope that the above videos will encourage you to come to visit soon. To find your way to Three Hagges Wood Meadow please click here: