Volunteer Programme 2017

Places are available to join our new volunteer programme which will begin on Friday 7th April, 10am to 1pm, at Three Hagges Wood Meadow in Escrick.  This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and work on a variety of activities.  We will meet regularly throughout the year.  Our volunteers play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing Three Hagges Wood-Meadow which is raising the bar for both beauty and biodiversity of our countryside.  If you would like to join this exciting new venture please contact or telephone 07517 809222. 


Guided Group Visits 2017

Make the most of a visit to Three Hagges Wood Meadow with one of our guided group visits.  Our guided visits will provide an insight into how we are pioneering the restoration of our rural landscape, using the building blocks of meadow and woodland in one ecosystem to create wood-meadow, inviting nature and wildlife back into our lives and restoring the beauty and biodiversity of our natural heritage.  The tour will include a stroll around the wood-meadow, calling at the Bee Hotel and our pond area.

We would recommend allowing 3 hours for each guided visit.

You will need to pre-book your visit using this form to allow us to make your visit as welcoming as possible.

Tea and coffee will be provided in Bodgers’ Den when the tour concludes.
Guided visits cost £5 per person. Children are free of charge.
Minimum numbers of 8 and maximum numbers of 15.

Events and Courses in 2017

Discovery Day

Saturday 1st July 2017, 1pm to 4pm, Three Hagges Wood-Meadow

Price: £5 per family, or £3 per adult (children free entry).  Book your place now.

Come and join us for an afternoon of nature exploration, learning and excitement.  Children can collect their Nature Explorer Passports as they arrive and can become official Nature Explorers by completing a number of nature challenges throughout the wood-meadow.

Come and listen to our storytellers tell stories about the environment and the wonderful creatures that depend on it.

Come and have a go at making your own Dragonfly and a bird feeder for your garden.

Bring a picnic and enjoy lunch in the wood meadow.

This event is being held in conjunction with National Meadows Day, a day which celebrates the importance of meadow preservation and educating public about this important habitat which is fast disappearing.


Introduction to Grasses

Friday 14th July 2017, 10am to 4pm, Three Hagges Wood-Meadow

Price £40 per person.  Book your place now.

Have you ever struggled to identify a grass?  Not sure where to begin? If so, this introduction to the identification of grasses is for you.  We will help you unravel the seemingly impenetrable world of grasses – the Poaceae . This course will explain how to identify each species, understand why a species is what it is.  We will also learn short-cuts as to how to recognise individual species. The course will cover plant structures, identification techniques, use of keys and what habitats the individual species occur in. Use of microscopes in the class room will back up those characters that we have looked at in the field using hand lenses. Given the short duration of the course we will concentrate on the commoner and also more important members of this family and focus mainly on floral rather than vegetative characters.  By the end of the course you will be familiar with the botanical terminology that is applied to grasses, and have the skills you need to identify the species from scratch.


Small Mammal Breakfasts

Saturday 12th August and Sunday 12 August 2017, 9.30am to 11.30pm, Three Hagges Wood-Meadow

Prices:  £5 per adult.  Children and Friends of Hagge Woods Trust free of charge.  Book your place now.

There are a number of small mammals that have made Three Hagges Wood-Meadow home.  As our wood-meadow matures it is important we examine the changes in small mammal populations.  Come and join us for this exciting morning session with Ann Hanson and Rob Masheder from The Yorkshire Mammal Group, and help us to survey the number, type and weight of small mammals that live in the wood-meadow.  The evening before the event, Ann and Rob will set a number of friendly traps baited with goodies and which will also provide a safe and cosy place for the small mammals to rest and sleep.  We will start the morning with breakfast, then head off into the wood-meadow to see wait awaits us.


Bat Night and BBQ

Saturday 12th August 2017, 7pm till late, Three Hagges Wood Meadow.

Prices: £5 per adult.  Children and Friends of Hagge Woods Trust free of charge. Book your place now.

Bats are a vital part of our native wildlife, accounting for almost a third of all mammal species in the UK.  Three Hagges Wood-Meadow is a great habitat for bats, as they are top predators of common nocturnal insects.

Come and join us for a BBQ in Bodgers’ Den, then as the sun sets grab a bat detector and take a guided stroll with Ann Hanson and Rob Masheder from The Yorkshire Mammal Group.  Bats use high frequency calls normally beyond the range of human hearing to build up a sound picture of their surroundings.  This echolocation system enables them to wing their way through the dark night hunting the tiniest of insects.  A bat detector makes these echolocation calls audible to humans – and because different bat species hunt different prey and are different sizes, they make different calls which can help identify them.  Come and join us for this fun evening and find out what species of bats inhabit our wood-meadow.


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