We believe passionately that a key way of protecting the wealth and beauty of the wood-meadow is to share our rich evidence base as widely as possible. In an age where even the smallest schoolchildren have access to the internet, educational establishments are turning increasingly to digital sources.  In turn, the older generation has special responsibilities to ensure that the highest possible quality of material forms the core of digital resources. Being alert to the potential richness of material, and conscious of the danger of losing such wealth, as we collect evidence and data, it will be displayed here

With the help of our researchers and valuable funding from the Esmee Fairburn Foundation we are building our inventory of flora and fauna at Three Hagges Wood-meadow.

As we build this resource, the information will eventually include categories such as key botanical identification; cultural requirements; role of trees in climate control; increasing biodiversity by providing food and shelter for wildlife; provision of food, medicine, fibres, footwear and building materials for humans; history, folklore and fairy tales. We are aiming for comprehensive information that reinforces the relationships trees have had with humankind over thousands of years, and which, ultimately in mobile format, can be viewed when amongst the trees.

We will strive to make our research findings available to every individual and community planter of trees; to every educator involved in ‘teaching trees’ in schools, arboreta, botanic gardens; to every walker in woods. We especially hope that this can be a medium that can be shared to mutual benefit across generations; as our grandmothers passed on their knowledge orally, so we hope particularly that this will be a resource that is shared between old and young, in community groups and within families, to their mutual benefit.

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